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PhotoRibbons is a hybrid photography and painting app for the iPhone. Re-compose, re-interpret, and play with your personal photographs by painting them with colorful ribbon-like forms; create compositions out of the people, places and things around you.

Every dynamic gesture across the iPhone's touch screen places a ribbon whose color is adapted from the pixels in the original photo. The appearance of the ribbons can be adjusted to work completely abstractly (free-style!) or to create compositions that closely resemble the objects in the original photo. PhotoRibbons also features an automatic mode that generates compositions based on the forms depicted in the photo.

PhotoRibbons was created by artist Jeremy Rotsztain, who writes software to create painterly digital images. It is based on an earlier artwork called Obsessions, which is a series of digital paintings created from pictures of adorable animals found on Flickr.

A native version for the iPad is currently in development.

PhotoRibbons was made using openFrameworks for iPhone. Thanks oF!

App Features


"This app is great fun, and the output looks great! The faster you move your finger, the wider the ribbon. Combining the output of this app with some of the drawing apps could create some wonderful artwork. In addition, the app can save at reasonably high resolution -- ~1900 x 1200 on the iPhone, which is unusual and very welcome for a first release." By kaphinga on iTunes.